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You will need to obtain the Mystic Ticket by using a cheating device, because the Mystic Ticket is no longer available as an event.

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Q: Where is the navel rock in Pokemon emerald?
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Where can you see HOHO on Pokemon emerald?

navel rock

Where is naval rock in pokemon emerald?

i thougt navel rock was Pokemon leaf green and fire red. (navel rock = nine island)

Code to go to navel rock in Pokemon emerald?


Where is Navel Rock in Pokemon and what versions is it in?

Navel Rockthe only way to get it is to get the mystic ticket at an event i heard in Pokemon emerald you get latias in it

How do you you use Action Replay Max to get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't Navel rock is in Firered and Leafgreen games only

How do you get the Pokemon Ho-oh from Pokemon emerald?

beat the elite four and go to the navel rock

What Pokemon can you find in navel rock on Pokemon emerald?

You can find ho-oh and sacred ash

Where can you catch ho-oh in emerald?

You will have to go to the navel rock to catch ho-oh.To go to the navel rock,you will have to go the real pokemon event.

How do you get navel rock in Pokemon Emerald version?

Faraway Island(Mew) 8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC

Can you get ho-oh in pokemon emerald?

yes you go to navel rock but you have to cheat and teleport to get there

Is there a navel rock in ruby?

no, on Pokemon emerald, fire red and leaf green only.....

What are the codes for the ticket to navel rock in Pokemon pearl?

there is no naval rock in pearl only in emerald, firered ,leefgreen