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Its supposed to be in the mstuff bar which is on the bottom but i dont see it

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Q: Where is the mpal button on mcworld?
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How do you get to my gear on McWorld?

"my gear" is just another name for the "mpal" button. anything that says should be in "my gear" should always be in the "mpal" button

What are the cheat codes for mcworld?

Free Adoption Certificet for Mcworld: MPET MPET MPET Super Hero Powers: MPAL MPAL MPAL

What are some furniture codes for mcworld?

Well I do know one mpal-mpal-mpal

Can not remember Mcworld mpal name?


Mcworld where to find the fourth dog?

its in your mpal stuff

How do you make a mcworld?

You can't make a mcworld but you can create a mpal by typing in mcworld you click I want to join then make a username password and person then you can join

What is the best m-code in mcworld?

well there is a code you use once a day to get a super power its mpal-mpal-mpal and if you want a pet but cant get one becous u don't got codes its mpet-mpet-mpet that's all i got use thes once a day

How do you find your stuff on McWorld Someone said it is below your avatar where it says mstuff but when I click on it nothing happens BTW I had to do full screen to see mstuff?

You don't click ON Mstuff, you click on Mpal or treehouse. If you click on Mpal, you'll get your clothes, etc. If you click on Treehouse, you'll get you furniture.

On mcworld how do you change your avatar?

You can go to Superopolis but it cost 400 Mpoints to.

How do you walk your pet in mcworld?

1st press Mpal then keep pressing one of the arrows until you find what your looking for!(If you see what your looking for right away then you don't have to press the arrows..............)

Where is the your gear button in mcworld?

it is by your m guy

How do you get out of the Dinosaur place McWorld?

you have to click on the map button down