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In Pokemon D/P/Platinum, (has NOT been released in USA, but in JPN) the Move Rem-emberer is in Pastoria City. You need a Heart Scale to remember the move.

In Pokemon FR/LG, the Move Rememberer is in 1 Island. You need a Big Mushroom or 2 TinyMushrooms and you can get there by defeating the Cinnabar Gym.

In Pokemon R/S/E, the Move Rememberer is in Fallarbor Town. Again, you need a Heart Scale to remember the move.

In G/S/C.............. I don't think there is a Move Rememberer, so be careful!

Hope this helped (Submitted by Olivictor -_-)

Edit for me if I forgot somethin'!

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Q: Where is the move rememberer in Pokemon?
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Where is the Pokemon move rememberer in Pokemon black?

Mistralton City to the right of the pokecenter

Where is the move rememberer in Pokemon white?

in mistralton city, the house right to the Pokemon center. The relearner is the girl on the top left. She asks for a heart scale to remember a move.

Can a Pokemon have more than one of the same move?

They can have 4 same moves and the same type and the same moves in all the pokemon games apart from diamond and pearl ANSWER: No, they cannot. If you mean "Can a pokemon have 2 of the same move at the same time?", then that is impossible. However, they can relearn it via Move Rememberer and relearning it naturally.

Where is the move rememberer's house in pokemon platinum?

The Move Relearner is located in a house north-east of the PokeMart in Pastoria City. You must give the man a Heart Scale, wihich can be obtained in the Underground, by wild Luvdisc, or by helping the Pokemon News Press in Solaceon Town (daily)

Where is the move rememberer in Pokemon Crystal?

The Move Relearner is in a house right next to the Pokemon Center in Blackthorn City. He is positioned right next to the Move Deleter, so you can delete HM moves. Note that the Move Relearner charges one Heart Scale for his services. You can buy Heart Scales on Wednesdays in the Pokeathlon Dome.

Where is the rememberer in Maplestory?

In Sleep Wood

Where do you find the rememberer in Maplestory?

In Sleepywood dungeon

How you rememberer Elvis Presley?

by playing his music and watching his movies

What actors and actresses appeared in The Rememberer - 1999?

The cast of The Rememberer - 1999 includes: Stephanie Morgenstern as Annie Benjamin Ratner as Ben Jane Sowerby as Bookstore Manager Trevor White as Clyde

How do you teach Lilligant Teeter Dance and Aromatherapy?

Teeter dance: Via TMAromatherapy: Go to the move rememberer or whatever, and give her a heart scale. It will be able to remember it.Hope this helps :)(: (: (: Have a nice day lol :) :) :)

What do the four people do in blackthorn city heart gold?

Just ask them. Talk to each person. One is the classic move deleter, who will make your Pokemon forget a move for free, including HM. The next one along is the move rememberer; for one heart scale (find them randomly, or trade for 1000 Pokethlon points) who lets your Pokemon remember a move they would learn by leveling up. Sometimes Pokemon can learn moves they can't usually get, for example my Ampharos learned Fire Punch in this way. The old woman teaches the ultimate Dragon attack for free, presumably to Dragonite, Salamence, Flygon etc. And finally is my favorite... He teaches the ultimate Grass, Fire or Water move (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon respectively) to your starter Pokemon. This includes starters from previous games, too. Hope this helps!

How do you make a Pokemon sprite move?

it will only move if you have pokemon black or pokemon white.