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The Move Relearner cannot be found in Pokémon Red. Pokémon Red is a Generation 1 game and the Move Relearner was not created until the Generation 3 Pokémon games of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire and their relearner was found in Fallarbor Town.

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Q: Where is the move relearned on Pokemon Red?
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Do Pokemon learn moves in the daycare center in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon will not learn moves while being raised in the daycare center. They will keep the same set of moves that you put them into the daycare with. However, moves that were missed can still be relearned through the move tutor.

Is chronic fry a real Pokemon move on Pokemon blue and red?

No, there is no move called "Chronic Fry" in Pokémon Red & Blue Versions.

How do you get Snorlax to move in Pokemon Red?


What does the move recover do in Pokemon Red?

If a Pokemon knows that move use it and in will heal itself

What does the move withdraw do in Pokemon red?

raise defense

Is there move poison jab in Pokemon fire red?


Where is the move forgeter in Pokemon Fire Red?

Look in Fuchsia city beside the Pokemon center.Right beside it is the move deleter.

Where do you find the move serf in Pokemon Red?

Safari Zone

Which move is tm28 in Pokemon Red?

tm28 contains Dig

Is there a move is forces ditto to reverse it's transform move in Pokemon fire red?

I think there is no move like that.

What Pokemon do you need to destroy the red machine in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

click on the red machine, then you see like a aura on it. You must have a Pokemon that can a field move ( on red machines must destroys with 2 water field move) like warturtle ore bibarel.

You used a hm to teach your Pokemon a move now you don't want the move anymore How do you get rid of it in Pokemon fire red?

Go to the move deleter's house in fuschia city.