Where is the moai minstrel in DQ 9?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Moai Minstrels are grotto enemies. Just keep exploring grottoes and you'll eventually find them, there's really no way to predict if they will show up or not.

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Q: Where is the moai minstrel in DQ 9?
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How do you get a luminary on Dragon Quest IX?

you go to the dance hall west of the mirage mahal palace and speak to a girl outside the dancer's change room with a quest bubble thing (blue) over her head. then you have to defeat a moai minstrel with a hot lick attack. you need a minstrel with 4 lithiness skill points. moai minstrels can be found in lv.50 and up grottoes.

What level minstrel do you have to be on dragon quest 9 to learn kacrackle?

The mage learns it not the minstrel I think It's over level 40

How do you become a Luminary in Dragon Quest IX?

Go to Gleeba, go into the dance hall, and speak to the lady with the pink hair, next to the door inside. This is Applaudia, she will give you the quest to unlock the Luminary vocation. You have to fight a Moai Minstrel, which is a grotto enemy. You have to kill it with Hot Lick, but be careful, as Moai Minstrels wil self destruct using Kamikazee when they take a lot of damage.

Where did moai get their name?

The Moai got their names from their native dinosaurs

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How many moai rae there on Easter Island?

There are one hundred twenty nine moai on Easter Island.

Why did they build moai?

They built the moai because it represented as their chiefs, or their powerful ancestors.

When did Moai Better Blues happen?

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Describe the features of Moai?

Moai are monolithic human figures on Easter Island. Moai Seamount is a submarine volcano in the Pacific Ocean west of Easter Island.

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The motto of Fraternal Order of Moai is '"Fun with a Purpose.'.

Can a level42 minstrel alone defeat the final boss in dragon quest 9?

no I'm afraid not