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there is no Pokemon mansion on route 214, but there is a Pokemon mansion on route 212. Right after you enter hearthome through the building right after you get through mt. coronet, if you go into the one that is going south, you will have to keep on walking until you get to the end & then you will have to make a left & go north & you will see it.



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Q: Where is the mansion on route 214 on Pokemon pearl?
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Where is route 214 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no Route 214 in Pokemon LeafGreen. There is however a Route 214 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It connects Veilstone City with the Valor Lakefront.

How do you get ponyta in Pokemon pearl?

A Ponyta will be at Route 206,210,211,215 and Route 214!!!

How do you get max revive in Pokemon pearl?

route 214

Where to find Houndoon in Pokemon Pearl?

In Route 214 and 215.

How do you get houndoor in Pokemon Pearl?

You can get a Houndour in Pokemon Pearl by breeding it from a Houndoom, which you can find on route 214 and 215.

What trainer has a wormadom in Pokemon pearl?

A Trainer you meet on Route 214.

Where is route 114 on Pokemon Pearl?

Route 114 doesn't exist in Pokemon Pearl, however, there is a Route 214, which is in between Veilstone City and the Hotel Grand Lake.

How do you get past the maids and get into the restricted section of te mansion on route 214 in Pokemon pearl?

You can't, it can't be accessed. Just some decoration they decided to put in the game. Sorry, though.

Where can you find ponyta on Pokemon pearl?

Route 206 , 210 , 211 , 214 , 215

Where is rotom and Giratina on Pokemon pearl?

Rotom is in the Old Chateu (the mansion/house in eterna forest)It is in the TV at NightI'm not sure if you need the national dex but when you beat the game spring path opens on route 214.

Where is route 214 in Pokemon heart of gold?

Route 214 isn't in Pokemon HeartGold.

On Pokemon pearl version were do you catch a hippopotas?

ruin maniac's cave route 214 near veilstone city