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The serious last time you beat Giovanni is at the viridian city Pokemon gym.

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Q: Where is the last time you beat Giovanni on Pokemon fire red?
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How do you get the last badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Beat Giovanni at viridian city's gym.

Where is Giovanni after you beat him 2 times on Pokemon red?

The third and last time you fight him is at the Viridian Gym. He is the leader.

How do you get into the Pokemon Gym in Saffron City on Pokemon FireRed?

you have to go too Fushia City beat the gym leader then they will let you in Saffron City then go in to Silph Co. and get to the last floor find Giovanni battle Giovanni then then get out of Silph Co. and you can go in the Saffron gym.

Where is tm earthquake in Pokemon FireRed?

ID1224528030 ' s answer: at the last jimleader My answer: Beat the 8th Gym, led by Giovanni in Viridian City and he will give you tm26: Earthquake.

How do you get in the last gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You use the key to get in o the fire gym to get into the last gym.viridian city which is above pallet town which is where you began.Viridian City.The leader is Giovanni, who uses Ground-types.

What gym do you need to beat to use whirlpool out of battle soul silver?

You need to beat Pryce the second last gym leader. He uses ice Pokemon so bring fire or steel Pokemon.

What pokemon should you use to beat the elite four in pokemon white?

bibareal empoleon the last evolved form for turtwig the last evolved form of fire monkey thing luxray staraptor

Who is the hardest gym leader in any Pokemon game?

Pokemon fire red Sabrina Pokemon crystal the last gym leader Pokemon ruby BRAWLY IT TOOK ME TIME TO BEAT HIM Pokemon platinium fantina

Master ball Pokemon FireRed?

I believe you can get it after fighting Giovanni for the last time.

Pokemon ruby how beat the elite for easily?

to beat phoebe you will need some bug types or dark types to beat glacia you need electric or grass to beat drake you need dragon or water and sydney fire and fight and last but not least steven the master of steel to beat him you will need fire and rock

How do you beat the last elite four on Pokemon Emerald with a lvl 74 swamert?

how to beat Pokemon emerald

Where do you get TM earthquake in Pokemon FireRed?

BEAT THE LAST GYM LEADER GIOVANNI, AND HE'LL GIVE YOU: EARTHQUAKE! THAT'S ALL. VERY EASY.beat giovani in virdian city gym, and he will give you TM 26 earthquake.