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route 18

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Q: Where is the last of the seven sages in Pokemon black?
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What you do after you catch the last sixth savage Pokemon black version?

after you catch the six savage pokemon you have to find all seven sages

Where do you find looker after finding all the seven sages in Pokemon white?

After you have Looker arrest the last sage out of the Seven Sages, He should thank you and he should also tell about a boy who sounds exactly like N, who has been seen with a dragon pokemon somewhere far away... ^_^

Is Pokemon Black and White the last pokemon show ever?


What was the last message Looker gave in Pokemon Black?

hes not a pokemon black person hes in pokemon platinum duuuh :O

What do you do after beating the main story in Pokemon white and black?

Type your answer here... try and find the six sages still hidding in the univa.You have queit a few options you can battle N for the last time some where in a cave or you could catch terrkion and the rest.

What is last Pokemon made?

They made it first in 1995. The last game came out which is Pokemon Black and White 2011, Summer.

What channel is Pokemon Black and White on?

It is on Cartoon Network. New episodes every Saturday at nine, and the episode that aired last week Sunday at seven. Eastern Standard Time.

What are the differences between Pokemon Black and Pokemon white?

Pokemon Black: Last gym leader is male You catch the white legedary Different wild Pokemon Pokemon White: Last gym leader is a female You catch a black legendary Different wild pokemon May be more, but these are just the most obvious ones. Only very minor things, though!

Is Pokemon Black and White the last season of Pokemon?

There will supposedly be one more generation of Pokemon after Black and White. [Edit] How do you know this? Please do not post information without authenticity.

When will Pokemon Black and White come out in southasia?

it came out last year

Can you get a master ball in Pokemon Black?

Yes, you can get a master ball in Pokemon black. You get the master ball towards your last gym battle from Prof. Juniper =)

Is Pokemon Black and White the last season?

Not Really... There is going to be a black 2 and white 2 coming out soon. i think pokemon conquest is a new season to