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go up from mahogany town and you will find a entrance go through but before you do any thing make sure you have 2000 or more because ill tell you then go up from that entrance and you will find another go in but this time the people from team rocket are there they ask you for 1000$ go through you find the lake of rage the other 1000 is for the way back

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Q: Where is the lake of rage in Pokemon Gold?
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Where can you catch a garadose in Pokemon Gold?

Surf around Lake of Rage

How do you obtain the Red Scale in Pokemon heart gold?

get the red gyrados at lake of rage

Where can you capture a Magikarp in Pokemon Gold?

The Lake of Rage (the lake where the Red Gyrados is found) is a good source to catch them.

How do you get the red scale on Pokemon heat gold?

Kill or capture the red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.

How do you get past the guard blocking the door to dragons den in Pokemon gold?

You have to solve the problem at Lake of Rage. (Note: If you turn your radio to 20.1 at Lake of Rage, If will make mysterious noises).

How do you get through the lake of rage in Pokemon Heart Gold?

To get past the "Lake of Rage Dilemma", you have to surf out to the Red Gyarados and either capture it or defeat it. Then surf back to shore and Lance, the champion, will tell you what to do from there.

When does the lake of rage flood in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

The Lake of Rage floods when it rains in game.

Where is the fishing guru at lake rage in Pokemon silver?

In the house you first see after entering the Lake of Rage.

How do you battle Gyarados in Pokemon Gold?

You can battle the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage, which is north of Mahogany Town. You'll get the Red Scale after battling it. You can also find regular Gyarados by surfing at the Lake of Rage, as well as fishing with the Good Rod and Super Rod at the Lake of Rage and Fuchsia City.

How do you get in the water at the lake of rage in Pokemon hert gold?

You need to teach your pokemon the HM 'Surf'! You can get it from the creepy old man watching the Kimono Girls :D

Where do you get red scale on Pokemon sliver?

You must go to maghoney town.. where the lake of rage is . You must have a Pokemon that learns surf. But before you can enter the lake of rage. Two team rocket grunts will make you pay 1k of gold to enter the lake. Once you pay your gold you will enter the lake of rage. There will be trainers looking for a battle in the lake of rage so be prepared. Keep going straight until you see water that you can use surf. You should see a red garaydoese (Magickarp's evolve form.) there. Defeat it or capture it and that Pokemon shall drop the red scale. I will recommend you not throw trade or sell that red scale. you can get groudon later with it.

How do you catch red gyrados Pokemon?

The Red Gyarados can be caught in Pokemon Versions, Gold, Silver, and Crystal at the Lake of Rage, the Red Gyarados is level 55-60. but in soul silver and heart gold you still catch her in lake of rage but she is level 30 and you need a Pokemon who knows surf take the grassy way cause team rocket will make you pay a fine of 1000