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Find it in slowpoke well, you need surf. Also, wild Poliwhirl have a 5% chance to have one.
ointo the slowpoke well and deep in the well there will be a guy go to him and he will give you the kings rock. Hope this helps :D

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Q: Where is the kings rock in Pokemon heartgold?
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How do you get a kings rock in pokemon heartgold?

in the slowpoke well and there going to be school kid

How can you get a slowking in Pokemon HeartGold?

Slowking can be obtained by equipping a slowpoke with a Kings Rock and trading it

When does slwpoke evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

slowpoke evolves into slowbro, then slowking if you put a kings rock on it and trade.

Where do you get a kings rock in Pokemon HeartGold version?

in Pokemon heart gold you can get the kings rock by going to slow poke's well and you need the hm surf and strangth you go to where the tean rocket's executive was and use strength on a boulder there then go down and use surf to the ladder then surf left to a person and he gives you the kings rock

Whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon diamond?

whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon dimond?

Is there a mossy rock in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no mossy rock in HeartGold. There is not one in SoulSilver, either. A mossy rock is only found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You must trade for a Leafeon to get one in Pokemon HeartGold.

How do you get a slowking on Pokemon HeartGold?

Get a king's rock (available as a prize at the Pokeathlon exchange corner), and trade slowpoke to another game while holding it.You can get Slowking in Pokemon Heart Gold by trading a slowpoke while it is holding a kings rock.

Where is a moss rock in Pokemon HeartGold?

there's no moss rock in heartgold/soulsilver. To get it you need to trade from a different game. Sorry!

How do you get sol rock in Pokemon HeartGold?

They are in the Safari Zone

How do you get rock climeb in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pallet town

Where to get rock climb in Pokemon HeartGold?

you get it AFTER you beat blue

Where is the moss rock on Pokemon HeartGold?

There is it is in ilex forest