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u cant FIND it u have to play puffle rescue!

u need to be a member to get it is the black puffle (beat the whole game=get the key!)

hope this helps!!!!


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Q: Where is the key to unlock the puffle door in the mine clubpeguin?
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Where is the key to unlock the mermaid door in clubpenguin?

First off, you need to be a member to achieve the key, if you are a member: 1. Go to the Mine 2. There should be a game called Puffle Rescue, click it and there will be three options. 3. The black puffle mini game is the one you need to complete. 4. Once you have found the black puffle, wait for the giant squid to come, follow it. 5. When you see the mysterious path take it. 6. Collect the key and now you can unlock the door!

How do you get the mine secret door to open in club penguin?

you play puffle rescue on black and follow the octopus shadow [get bubbles for air]

How do you get the key to the door in the mine?

You need to be a member and play the puffle rescue game and it has to be the black puffle. you need to complete the black puffle rescue game and you will receive the key. In order to use the key you need to be a member. This worked for me and I hope it works for you :-)

How do you get to puffle rescue?

It is at the mine

Where is the seventh paperboat on clubpenguin?

In the under water place. go in the room next to puffle rescue in the mine. go past the river. go through the door. (the door is made of wood) if it has a note on the door play puffle rescue and get the black puffle. then go through the door and you will be the under water place. the 7th paper boat is on top of the mermaids desk. congrats you have to find one more paper note and then you will get a background and if you are a member a outfit.

Where is Puffle Rescue on clubpenguin?

in the mine

Where is the pin at the puffle party?

it is the puffle-o-box in the underground thing with the mine carts

Where is puffle ruscue?

The Puffle Rescue game can be found inside the Mine Shack (Inside)

Where is the game puffle rescue on clubpenguin?

It is in the mine.

Where is the black puffle on hide and seek mission on EPF game?

in the mine! (it is hard to find because the mine is black and the puffle is black so it matches in)

What room is the white puffle going to be in the puffle party on cp?

They Are In The Mine. Its Beautiful There! You Gotta Chek It Out!!

HOW to help the construction worker do his tasks on the club Penguin Elite game?

You have 4 tasks, Fix the door, Destroy the Ice at the Iceberg, Relight the fire at the Lodge and turn on the lamp in the Mine. -Fix the door at the Rink Call out your black puffle and he'll fix it for you. -Destroy the Ice at the Iceberg For this one you need the red puffle. Go to the iceberg and have redpuffle blast itself at the ice. -Relight the fire at the Lodge Grab your black puffle and have him aim at the fire and he'll relight it. -Turn on the light at the Mine The black puffle will also turn on the light for you. Hope this Helps!