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lavender town

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Q: Where is the house of memories in soul silver?
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What do you do at the house of memories in lavender town in soul silver?


Mrfuji on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Mr. fuji is a HUGE ,mystery in Pokemon soul silver. Nobody knows why Mr.Fuji is even in the game. All he does is that he has that Pokemon orpange, and hang out in the house of memories, which does nothing. Basicaly, he does nothing because he never leave the house of memories.

Where is profOak in soul silver?

mr. Pokemon house

How do you get petrel to go to your house on soul silver?


How do you go to Scientist's House and press the machine in Silver?

What does the scientist's house look like in soul silver and same with the machine.

Where is bill in Pokemon Soul Silver?

At his mom's house in Goldenrod.

Where is the battle house in Pokemon soul silver?

it is in the city after pewter

Where is the tutor guy in soul silver?

he is in a house in blqackthorn city

How do you get to bills house in pokemon soul silver?

it is in goldrod city

Where is the Kimono Dancing house in Pokemon soul silver?

ecruteak city

How do you get the red orb soul silver?

Go to Mr. Pokemon's house

How do you get a good rod in Pokemon soul silver?

you will find it in a house somewhere