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Its in the plaza.....

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Q: Where is the hall of quest in woozworld?
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How do you get to rookie quest in woozworld?

go to hall of quest and one of the doors say rookie quest google and is a gr8t way of passing friend me on woozworld my name is althea1001

Are there questions u can answer in woozworld and get prizes?

yes there are at the hall of quest all the doors lead to quest and you awers questions there and get a prize at the end ope this helped :P

Where do you go to the rookie quest in woozworld?

go to hall of quest click a door and u will see rookie quests. it is locked right now, but i think it will be unlocked soon.

Where is the Roockie Quest in woozworld?

go to quest you will see it

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How do you be an animator on woozworld?

i will tell you by step to step 1-first be a vip in woozworld 2-then go to the animators quest 3-then when you finish 2 animators quest you will be a woozworld moderator when you finish all the quest like mywooz quest,jaywooz quest,jennywooz quest and the maxwooz you will be animator and also be a certain age Thankyou :D

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