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Q: Where is the guru forest on adventure quest worlds?
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Who is wisteria on adventure quest worlds?

the leaf women in guru forest

In Adventure Quest Worlds how to do quest hit job?

fight thrax in marsh and wisteria in guru forest

Where do you get a mixing pot from adventure quest worlds?

It is dropped by Guru Chest

IN adventure quest worlds who and where for hitjob quest?

You have to beat IronHide in the ruins by the chaos march or type: /join ruinsThen,you have to beat Wisteria in the Guru Forest or type: /join guruhope i helped!

How do you get the clear jewel in adventure quest worlds?

Kill monsters in the Graveyard....2 gems are in Graveyard....2 in Pirate area....2 in Guru Forest area....

Where to find wisteria in adventure quest worlds?

Step 1: Go to Guru Forest (/join guru)Step 2: 1 frame right, two frames up

Where is wisteria in aq worlds?

the guru forest in the neverglades

Where do you get the purple jewel in aq worlds?

leatherwing in guru forest

Where is guru forest from aq worlds?

The Neverglades near Swordhaven

Were do u find ironhides helmet and wisteria tentacle in adventure quest?

I dont know about the helmet but you get the tentacle from guru forest (go right then up then up again)

When can you equip the bejeweled blade on adventure quest worlds?

Take the quest from Valencia called "bejeweled blade"in aqworlds. Then go to guru forest on the map and fight the trobble and then leatherwing. Now go to the graveyard and fight the skelitonal worrior 1ce and the skeletinal viking a couple times. Then go to Lolosia and fight the shark bait and the fishman soldier and the turn it in

How do you get bejewled blade in adventure quest worlds?

well that's easy, Accept Valencia's quest, go to the graveyard and kill the skeletal viking and from the skeletal warrior, then go to Lolosia and kill sharkbait and fishman soldiers, then go to guru forest and kill trobles and leatherwings until you get the jewels, when you have all of the jewels, just go turn in, and ta-da!, you have it