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the grunt that gives you the lift key is in a room with one other grunt and when you beat him in a battle he drops it. to get to him go to the second floor (or the first I can't remember and i did yeasterday hahahahaha) get through the maze with the arrow switches and go up or down the stairs (which ever direction they're going and battle the one in the back of the room. If it is not him the on the first floor on the other side of that gate thingy is the lift key.

sorry if you can't understand it. just leave me a message on my message board and I will make it more clear.

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Q: Where is the grunt that gives you the Team Rocket key?
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What grunt gives the you the lift key in Pokemon firered?

On B3 of the rocket game corner there is a grunt in the top left corner beat him to get it.

How do you get the lift key in Pokemon FireRed?

fight the team rocket grunt in the corner and he'll drop it so you can get it

How do you retrieve the card key if Team Rocket won't move?

go through another path then pop up behind it and get it. beat the team rocket grunt and they will give you info on where it is

Where do you get the key for the elevater in Rocket Game Corner in Pokemon Blue?

A rocket grunt drops the key on B3.

Where do you get the lift key on Pokemon FireRed?

You can find the Lift Key in the Team Rocket Hideout on Pokemon FireRed. It is dropped by a Grunt on basement floor 4 after defeating him.

How do you get the lift key for the elevator in the team rocket base under the game corner?

In Basement Floor 3 there is a Rocket Grunt standing in the corner of the room, battle him and he will drop the Lift Key. If the key doesn't appear right away move away from the Rocket and the item will appear.

Where is the card key for team rocket in Pokemon Red?

You must go to the last floor in the area fight a grunt then, talk to him and he will drop it and then get it and i hope you mean lift key btw

How do you get beat team rocket in saffron city?

get your strongest pokemon and fight the grunts find the grunt with the elevator key and then giovanni has a rhyhorn a kangaskhan and a rhydon

What do you do after you defeat team rocket at the radio tower in Pokemon heart gold?

They're in the Underground, in the lower part that branches off. You go through the door that used to be locked. but first you have to defeat ever sngle team rocket grunt to get card key to open door

Where is the lift key in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the Lift Key on B4F when you battle a Team Rocket Grunt in the far north corner. He even says "Who has the Lift Key" before the battle begins. He has a Level 21 Zubat and Koffing. Once you defeat him, then he will drop the key.

Where is the galactic grunt that drops the storage key in Veilstone City?

who gives a...

How do you defeat team rocket in goldenrod city?

this is only part of it but you have to get the uniform form the team rocket grunt were you take your pitcher but he finks that your a new recruit .then go to the radio tower get to the top and face the leader of the operations if you win you get the key to the secrete place above the magnetic train station