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In Eterna Forest.

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Q: Where is the green rock in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you evolve a polwril into a poltoe in Pokemon Platinum?

have it hold king's rock them trade it to another Pokemon platinum..

How do you rock scale in Pokemon Platinum?

you can get a rock climb TM (i forget where) and teach it to an able pokemon.

In Pokemon platinum do you now what Pokemon can learn rock climb?

all the beginners can learn rock climb

What is the mirror rock for in Pokemon platinum?

To catch garintina

Where to find rock tomb on Pokemon platinum?


Where can you get a kings rock in Pokemon platinum?

from the foreign guy

Where do you get rock climb Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Rock climb is on route 217.

Where can you find a Pokemon fossil in Pokemon Platinum?

in sedimentary rock deposited by volcanoes

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon Platinum?

take it to the rock up there by the Pokemon league

Can Pokémon Platinum trade with Pokémon LeafGreen?

No, but you can migrate Pokemon from leaf green to platinum but you cant get them back to leaf green then

Why can't i give hm6 rock smash in Pokemon platinum?

Only rock/groung type Pokemon can learn it

What Pokemon is 156 in Pokemon Platinum?

I think it is probopass. I . :) By the way- probopass: rock type pokemon ;)