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It isn't as much the Gauss Blaster as it is The Gauss Rifle.

It is obtained after Downloading the Extra content of the Anchorage Alaska Quest and is obtainable in no other way. Once you finish the extra content you will be allowed to roam the wastes with the Gauss Rifle.

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Q: Where is the gauss blaster in fallout 3?
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What is the best gun in fallout 3?

Alien blaster

Is the gauss rifle in original fallout 3?

No, Only In Op Anchorage.

How do you repair the Gauss rifle in fallout 3?

You can't. There is only one Gauss Rifle in the game, no other weapon can be used to repair it.

If graphics were not a factor which would be better The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion or Fallout 3 both including all DLCs?

fallout 3. 3 words. gauss plasma riflec :)

How do you you get the alien blaster in Fallout 3?

from the crashed alien ship next to the dead alien

Where is alien blaster fallout 3?

go to google and type in Fallout 3 wiki. they'll have a detailed map. i can tell youu its north or northwest from greendale

Where do you find alien energy cells in Fallout 3?

you can not find any energy cells in Fallout 3 after you find the ones with the alien blaster, you are limited to that number

Where do you find aloien blaster ammo on Fallout 3?

the only alien blaster ammo is the ones u get wen u find the gun or download mothership zeta

Fallout 3 best gun?

alien blaster but ammo is hard to find after you have it all and its at the alien crash site

What is the best gun in fallout 2?

probably the alien blaster

Where can you find aliens in fallout new Vegas?

You must have the WILD WASTELAND PERK and go to tumbleweed ranch and around where you would normally find the rare gauss rifle you will find aliens in which you must kill to receive the Alien Blaster

Where is the most ammunition in fallout 3?

Ammunition can be found in alot of random places.try checking old bases and forts. you really dont need ammo if you have proper guns. get the alien blaster and gauss rifle, youll be good for all ur 1 shot kills, even on super mutants.

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