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go to veilstone city and use rock climb on a wall and grab the poke'ball and that is the full incense.

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Q: Where is the full incense in Pokemon diamond?
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Full incense in Pokemon diamond?

In Veilstone city; theres a wall you rock climb on.use and get the item in the pokeball, which is full incense.

Where to get munchlax on Pokemon diamond?

Sweet Honey Trees Breed Snorlax with Full Incense attached.

How do you get a munchlax in Pokemon diamond without a full incense?

you have to spread honey on a sweet smelling tree

What incence do you to get a munchlax on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

If you have a Snorlax and you want to breed it to get a Munchlax, you have to attach a Full Incense to it.

What do you do with sea incense in Pokemon Diamond?

put it on a Pokemon

Where do you catch munchlax on Pokemon Diamond?

You can either breed snorlax with full incense or go to a sweet honey tree.

Where is the rose incense in Pokemon diamond?

on route 212

Can you buy a full incense in diamond?

No, you need to find it.

Where can you find a rock incense on Pokemon diamond?

never heard of it

What does a full incense do in diamond?

"It is an exotic-smelling incense that makes the holder bloated and slow moving." Basically, reduces the speed of the Pokemon holding it. If you give it to a female snorlax and breed it, the egg will be a munchlax.

How do you get a full incense in Pokemon Emerald?

you can't

In Pokemon Diamond where do you get lax incense?

Lax incense is a breeding item in Pokémon Diamond. It can be found somewhere on route 225. It is needed to get Munchlax.