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in the top half of goldenrod city next to the gym

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Q: Where is the flower shop in Pokemon Silver?
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Where do you find fertilizer in Pokemon soul silver?

You can buy it from Goldenrod's Flower Shop.

Where is the water spout in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You get one in the flower shop in goldenrod!

Where is the flower shop in soulsilver?

the flower shop in Pokemon Soul Silver is in goldenrod city (spelling may be wrong) right beside the gym (normal type)

How do you evovle shymin In Pokemon Soul Silver?

you have to give it a gracidea from the flower shop in goldenrod city.

In Pokemon silver how do you get past the wiggly tree?

you get the squirtbottle at the flower shop and water the tree(which is Sudowoodo)

What Pokemon do you use to get past route 36 on Pokemon soul silver?

get the sprayduck from golden rod flower shop and water it.

Where is the girl watering her plants in Pokemon silver?

go to the goldenrod gym and next to it will be a flower shop and she will be inside

What house is the laddie the give you the water to move the tree in pokemon soul silver?

In the flower shop in goldenrod city

Where to get the watering can in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the flower shop in cherrygrove...i think... but it is in a flower shop

Where can you find the gracidea flower in Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the flower shop in Goldenrod city (next to the gym), and if you have a shaymin with you, talk to the girl next to the door and she'll give you the flower.

How do you get past sudowoodo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You need to beat the gym in goldenrod then go to the flower shop right next to it.

In Pokemon emerald where is the rustboro flower shop?

The Flower Shop is south of Rustboro city