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The blue key is under the pillow, in the room on the upstairs right.

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Q: Where is the blue key in Garfield scavenger hunt?
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How do you get a blue key game Garfield scary scavenger hunt?

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Where is the red key in Garfield scavenger hunt?

its near the room

How do you get the key for the locked cell in the game Garfield scavenger hunt?

It's in the fireplace after you give the muffin to Lyman

Where is the green key in garfield's scary scavenger hunt the game?

GO TO THE ROOM NEXT TO THE RED ROOM and click on the mona lisa picture

Where is chocolate chip muffins for Garfield's scary scavenger hunt?

once you get the key to the red click on the grave with numbers, and click on the picture in the red room and enter the numbers from the grave. That is how you get the muffins!

Where is the green key in scary scavenger hunt?

Under the Molisa picture or the others

Were is the green key in scary scavenger hunt?

it is in the picture frame near the red door

Where is the key to unlock the cell in garfields scary scavenger hunt 2?

you click on the bat on the left In the other cell there will be the key

Where do you find the key for the cell on Garfield's scary scavenger hunt?

there is no key you have to go to the guy in the cell click on him then go to the fridge and open the chain will break then you have the muffin then give it to the guy in the cell then go threw the fire place and stand on the leaves you will fall in to the cell then to get out you have to to walk out the cell will open

Sonny With a Chance so random scavenger hunt where is the key in cluck 'n stuff?

it is a the beauty place on the floor

What is the File scavenger 3.2 license key?

file scavenger 3.2 license key ?

How do you open the red door in scary scavenger hunt?

you must go to the dining room over by the cabinet under the platter there is a red key go to the red door once you have it and click on the door.