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ok, so your in jublife city... go to eturna city, one of the houses will be a bike shop. the only way to get a bike is to get the badge to use cut, get the hm cut, cut the small tree blocking the way to the 1st galactic HQ, defeat them, save the clefairy, then finaly go back to the man and he will give you a bike with 2 gears.

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Q: Where is the bicycle shop on Pokemon perl at jubilife city?
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You have to get the national pokedex, then go to Canalave City.

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find a way to clestick town and get surf then go to hearthome city

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no you can only get it in perl

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You can't.

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at the Pokemon league, north of sunnyshore :{)

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firstly to get a thunder stone in Pokemon perl you need the underground kit. use the kit and it will save the game. go to eterna city. next to the poke center is a house. go inside and talk to the old man. he will give you the kit. do what he says!!!!!!!!!

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you have to have Pokemon perl or action replay

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You can get it as a cheat on the action replay card that you get from argos for £14

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in route 201