Where is the Yeti on Wii Ski?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Yeti is on a trail called Bigfoot Trail on the flat land in between the Elephant Stage and the Deer Step. It's on the left if you are coming from the Elephant Stage, there will be a old tree on the right and a yellow triangle sign that has a picture of a black monster. It's not that hard to find in the daylight, as for the night, good luck (I actually found it in the dark, but then after if found it I went to see it in daylight and it was very easy to find). I have also heard that if you are lucky you will see him on the trail, and also his den is on the way right side in the cave, he/she's got ham or something cooking. It seems like an ice mansion, even though it's very hard to find on the trail.

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Q: Where is the Yeti on Wii Ski?
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Where is the ninth guy on Wii ski?

He is on the Bigfoot Trail. If you don't know how to get there type in either Is There a Yeti in Wii Ski? or Where is the Yeti on Wii Ski? Then just keep on going through the cave and into the light and there he is. Just do that again and the tenth guy will be in the cave also.

When do you see bigfoot on wii ski?

You dont see big foot you see a yeti and you see it after you have finished the animal hunt

In Wii ski where is martin at control point 9?

Don't worry I just figured this out. Go to and search We Ski. It will have clues on animals. Look at Yeti. Follow the instructions and you'll find the Control Point!!

Where is control point 10 in you ski wii?

To get to Control Point 10 in We Ski, you must go into the Yeti Cave, or Big-Foot Canyon, and ski almost all the way there. When there is a "Y" shape in the path (While in the cave itself), take a left, and you should see him.

Will there be a third Wii ski?

probably.. is their a secound one?? if so then yeah there wil maybe be a third wii ski....... :)

How do you get special snowboards on we ski and snowboard?

On Wii Ski you have to do challenges and get stars.

Can you fall in love in wii ski?

I don't no do I?

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Do you need Wii fit balance board to play Wii family ski?


Can you get a picture with the yeti on family ski?

Nope, sorry, your request is currently unavailable. Yetis are fake! gosh...

What is the old PC game where you ski down a slope and have to avoid a yeti from eating you?

I have that game on an old floppy diskette. It's called "Ski 32" or something like that.

Where is the rescue mission on wii ski?

At the top of owl slope! but first you must complete ski school.