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Howling Horse Mine, Muzzle Mouth Mine and Buried Bones Mine.

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Q: Where is the Webkinz rainbow flower gem in Webkinz world?
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What gems are in what caves on webkinz?

The Webkinz gem (W) is in the buried bones mine it's the rarest gem($458)!

How do you get the rainbow gem in Sonic the Hedgehog?

The rainbow gem is an incomplete gem that's supposed to let you transform into super sonic but it doesn't work. You can only get it by hacking.

How do you get the rainbow gem in Sonic 06?

You have to hack the game cause the rainbow gem was unfinished. so hacking is the only way to get it.

How do you get the gem box in webkinz?

You can get the gem box for your room by going to the W Shop and clicking on storage. The gem bow for your room will be listed there.

Where is the cave in webkinz world?

I don't think there is a cave...if there is its the ones at the Curio shop gem mining station or on vacation (island)

How do you get an extra try at gem hunting on webkinz?

You can only get one try per day for gem hunt.

Where on webkinz is the Corana topaz gem located?

It's on Webkins.

Where is the zingoz zingos gem in webkinz?

The Burried Bones Mine.

How do you find the gem steeler in webkinz world?

You meen Doug? He is in club house in certain collecters rooms. Only sometimes though.

Where do you find the river riple gem in webkinz?

You can find the River Ripple gem usually in the Howling Horse Mine.

If you already have the gem of the day how do you give it to him on webkinz?

If you Haven't Sold The Gem When You Got It You can't sell it now If you Haven't Sold The Gem When You Got It You can't sell it now

How do you get a rainbow gem on the Sims 3?

the way I got it was, I went to France (World Adventures) then I explored many tombs then finally I found it!