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It is the wide building with two doors.

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Q: Where is the Poketech building in Jublife City?
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How do you get the map app on Pokemon platinum?

Talk to the poketech guy in jublife city who is inside the poketech building. If you have won the fourth gym badge, he will give you the marking map app.

What do you do with three poketech coupons on Pokemon diamond?

to get a pokewatch in jublife city

Where do you get poketech?

In Pokemon pearl, diamond, and platnium, when your done at the trainers school in Jublife city

Where to get the marking map for the poketch in Pokemon platinum English version?

You have to go to Jublife City, into the Poketech building. Talk to the man in front of the counter, and he will give you the marking map.

What are the poketchs on Pokemon diamond and where do you find them?

find clowns in jublife city then talk to poketech guy

How do you get the poketech map?

you need four gym badges and then go to a man in the pokech company(in jublife city) and he will give you it.

After you find the 3 clowns in Diamond what do you do next in Pokemon Diamond?

If you are talking about in Jublife city, you go talk to the guy who you first talked to about the Poketech and you get the Poketech. Then you go up then to the right and out the ramp where the guy wouldn't let you go before on to the first town.

Where is the poketch guy?

in a building which is located at northwest of the city "jublife". I Hope it helped.

What do you do to get a marking map?

In Jublife City go to the POKETeCH Watch Company and find the guy who claims he is the president talk to him twice our thrice and he will give you either 2 or 3 Apps For the watch

What town is the pokedex company in?

The Poketech Company is in Jubilife City. t is a large building on the west side of the city that has 2 doors

Where do you find the first gym in jublife city?

it is not in jublife city you have to get the coupons from the 3 clowns then talk to the man by the Pokemon school then go east for jublife city

In Pokemon platinum were is jublycity tv station?

its in jubylife... next to the president of poketech