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Magic Blue Flowers randomly grow on in the mountain areas.

You will have to search everyday hoping one has appeared.

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Q: Where is the Magic Blue Flowers in Harvest Moon tale of Two Towns?
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Where do you get magic red flowers in harvest moon tale of two town?

Go to the forest and you'll find some magic red flowers but you could only see those flowers in once in a blue moon or you could only find them in quite sometimes.:P

Where do you get blue feather in harvest moon a tale of two towns?

You can buy it either in Bluebell or Konohana from the General Store when you have all the flowers on the left side of the chat box of your potential spouse.

Where are the blue mist flowers in harvest moon magical melody?

The blue mist flowers appear in the mountains every other day in the fall.

How do you get a blue feather on harvest moon tale of two towns?

Once you get a marriage candidates to six bloomed flowers on their vine and are in year 2 or later the general stores in both towns will start selling the Blue Feather. But their inventory is random and they never offer all their merchandise at the same time so it won't be available to buy everyday.

What flowers do you plant to get peppy on moshi monsters?

To get peppy red moon yellow magic bean blue moon

Harvest moon magical melody-what are all of the types of flowers and herbs?

Flowers: Moon Drop, Pinkcat, Blue Mist(?) Herbs: Pink, Green, purple, orange, and black. I think that's all.

What 3 flowers do you need to attract peppy on moshi monsters?

Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic.

List of all the flowers on Harvest moon magical melody?

Moondrop flower, Pinkcat flower, and Blue Mist flower which is my favourite but it is quite rare.

What flowers are blue?

There aren't many blue flowers, but there is the bluebell, and blue hydrangea which are lovely flowers, with delicious scents

How do you tell if you can marry a bachelor has in harvest moon the tale of two towns?

Every character has a vine on their dialog box. There will be at least one flower on the vine. The more flowers someone has the more they like your character. The bachelors will have flowers that will change colors when you gain more. It goes in this order: White, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red. But the "special" bachelors will have white flowers always. But you can still marry them. The six bachelors are: Ask Cam Hiro Kana Dirk Mikhail

What do you give offerings to the harvest goddess in harvest moon island of happiness?

You can give her anything really, but she likes flowers, so I would stick to just throwing flowers in. > _ < She actually dislikes a lot. Her 'special' is Strawberries, and she loves pineapples. And she really likes Turnip, Potato, Cucumber, Cabbage, Corn, Tomato, Onion, Pumpkin, Yam, Eggplant, Carrot, Spinach, Bell Pepper, Orange, Blue Magic Flower, Red Magic Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Toy Flower, Moondrop Flower, Milk, Egg Strawberry Rice Cake, Carrot Juice, Steamed Egg Custard, Relaxtea Leaves. Everything else, she dislikes.

How do you get Muffy on Harvest Moon a wonderful life?

If you mean marrying her, you keep giving her flowers every day until she has four hearts for you. (you can check this in that plant in the Blue Bar) You then propose to her with the Blue Feather when she isn't working.