Where is the HQ of UN located?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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New york,U.S.A

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Q: Where is the HQ of UN located?
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The HQ is a secret room which can only be located by secret agents. This room is located in the Winter Sport shop, enter the first dressing room and you will be loaded into the HQ.

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Where are the United Nations offices?

The United Nations World Headquarters is located in The Hague, Netherlands. Oh.... not New York then. I just entered UN HQ & guess where I ended up ?

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Where is the HQ of MECON located?


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HQ pro is different to normal HQ from cod4 and 5. in 4 and 5 the points you had to gain to win was 250 points, and you could capture the HQ as soon as it was located on the map. on HQ pro the points needed to win has been reduced to 200 and when the HQ is located on the map there is a waiting period before you can start to capture it :)

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hocomo mo

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Anaheim, California

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