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Okay, first of all you have to have a Pokemon that knows the HM's Rock Climb and Defog. Okay so you go to where the "MooMoo-Milk" house is, then go up the road that was origionally blocked by psyduck. Keep going up until you hit the fog, use defog, you will be able to see ALOT better. (Note: you do not necessarely need to have a Pokemon that knows defog), then go up the stairs where the boy is chasing the girl, then go up the other flight of stairs, and right at the top to the right there is a place to use RockClimb. Use Rock Climb (going down) then use Rock Climb again to go up the other side. (you will have to battle a dragon taimer as soon as you go up the other side of the mountain he's weak though he uses a Gibble). then The Dragon Lady is in the house right there. Note: your dragon Pokemon has to fully trust you before she will teach it the secret dragon move.

Hope this helped.

P.S. sorry I don't have the names of the Routs...

~The Route is number 210 <3~

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Q: Where is the Dragon Lady in Pokemon Pearl?
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You have to battle a legendary Dragon-Pokemon in Pearl. You will have the greatest chance by facing Giritina, Diagla, Palkia, Darghina, Charizard, or Ghalstone. (Darghina, Charizard, and Ghalstone are not legendary Dragon-Pokemon, but they will supply you with a dragon scale).

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The dragon pokemon palkia.

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Palkia and Giritina can learn dragon claw.

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um...... what is dragon rush haven't heard of it, sounds awesome

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You do not get a Turtwig from an old lady in Pokemon Pearl. The only way to get a Turtwig is to trade for one from another game or pick it as your Starter Pokemon.

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a lady somewere will give the devistating move Draco meteor i think she lives in the erea were theres a bunch of fog in Pokemon diamond reminder: dracoe meteor is the strongest dragon move in all of the Pokemon games cool huh

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defeat red gyarados.

Pokemon Pearl good dragon move?

Draco meteor

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You can go under ground