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LoL All Yall So Stupid FIND THE DISCK!

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Q: Where is the DVD disk in club penguin?
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Where is the DVD on club penguin?

there is no DVD

Where is Gary's book disk at on club penguin?

there is no book disk

Where can you find the boot disk on club penguin?

if your asking about the mission its under the orange couch in the mission on club penguin

Where is the DVD player on the mission vegetable villain on club penguin?

The disk is at the lighthouse and you take the spray to and clean it, the player is at the ski village and you put the CD in but your not done yet...

What is a giant s on Club Penguin?

The giant "s" on club penguin is the one on the night club. If you are on the field-op, you have to click on the disk below the s.

Where is the disk for the computer on club penguin?

under the mattes tank you bye

How do you clean the disk for club penguin mission?

IN the Lighthouse there is some cleaning stuff near the stage you use that by clicking on it then clicking the disk

In the mission in club penguin what do you do with the CD?

first you clean it with the spray and wipe in the beacon. after that when herbert puts on his movie you go to the stereo behind the screen and put the disk into the DVD player. then you'll face a different challenge.

How do you find the DVD in Veggie villain Mission in club penguin?

Its in the lighthouse under the piano.

Where to find the DVD to stop Herbert's broadcast on club penguin?

under the piano in the lighthouse

How do you get the boot disk on club penguin?

Look under a sofa for starters. When you're on play the game. It's fun!

Where are the discs in club penguin in the mission vegetable villain?

The disk is under the piano at the light house. However the disk is dirty so you need to get the cleaner from the left of the stage.