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There isn't a DNA Slicer in the Giant Chasm.

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Q: Where is the DNA splicer in giant chasm?
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How do you get White Kyuren in Pokemon White version 2?

To get White Kyurem in Pokémon: White Version 2, you need a Kyurem, a Reshiram and a DNA Splicer. Kyurem and the DNA Splicer is found in the Giant Chasm, Reshiram is found in the Dragonspiral Tower however Reshiram only appears there once you have defeated N in the ruins of his Castle. To get White Kyurem, give Kyurem the DNA Splicer while both Pokémon are in your team. Also, to get to N's castle, you'll need flash, surf, and strength. follow the zoroark inside victory road

How do you get kyuren?

You can't catch it the first time you encounter it, but you can after you obtain Reshiram, later on. That's the trigger for Kyurem to return to its cave. Just do the usual - knock its HP down and either paralyse it or put it to sleep, then hit it with Dusk Balls.

Where is meloetta hiding in the giant chasm?

Meloetta is not hiding in the Giant Chasm.

Where in lacunosa town is the giant chasm?

The Giant Chasm's on the route that's to the right of Lacunosa Town.

How Do you get black Kyuren in Pokemon black 2?

Talk to Drayden with Kyurem and Zekrom in your party, and use his gene (or cell, I'm not sure which) -splicer. Both Legends will be fuzed to create Black Kyurem. Viola!

Where is the gaint chasm?

The Giant Chasm is North of Route 13.

How do you get on the giant steps in the giant chasm without a blizzard?

you can not

Do you get black Kyuren in Pokemon black 2?

Yes. You first have to beat the pokemon league then go to the giant chasm where you battled against black kyurem, and you can catch the regular kyurem, then you will get the DNA Splicers which will allow you to combine the DNA of Kyurem and Zecrom to get Black Kyurem.

How do you find fire stone in giant chasm?

Unfortunately there is no fire stone in giant chasm....I looked inside and outside but no reason...

How do you get to the middle of the giant chasm?

What region is Ditto in?

He can be caught in the Giant Chasm in PKMN B/W. As well as PKMN B2/W2 he still can be caught in the Giant Chasm.

Where can you find Kyuren?

in north of giant chasm