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sootopilis city

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Q: Where is the 8th gym in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get waterfall Pokemon emerald?

beat the 8th gym

How do you get to the 8th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Sootopolis.

In Pokemon emerald what city is the 8th gym leader in?

sootopolis city

Where is the 8th Gym in Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald and what type of Pokemon are there?

In Sootopolis City.Trainers and Gym Leader uses Water-Type Pokemon.

In Pokemon emerald where is steven after you beat the 8th gym?

...... stewen in emerald isn't a elite champion. there is wallace.

How can you battle the 8th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

i go to mossdeep city

Where is the 8th gym leader so you can beat him in Pokemon emerald?

in the fortree city

How can you get waterfall for Pokemon Emerald?

somebody gives it to us after beating the 8th gym

Who is the champion on Pokemon emerald?

Wallace he was the former 8th gym leader in ruby and sapphire

How do you get the 8th badge in Pokemon emerald?

The only way to get a gym badge is to challenge the corresponding gym leader and win.

How do you unlock the 8th gym doors on Pokemon emerald?

Find the key at a under water cave

How do you get into the 8th gym in Pokemon emerald when Archie is obstacle in the door?

you find raquyza at the sky pilliar