Where is surskit in Pokemon Ruby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lucky me. When I thought I was searching for Surskit for almost forever, I jumped down near the patch of trees (on route 102, below the girl who says you'll further her career when you first meet her). I was running quickly when I jumped, so I got on the second grass below. I found Surskit once, but it was a female, so I rejected her. I found another lvl. 3 Surskit, and there. I caught it. How rare!!!

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Q: Where is surskit in Pokemon Ruby?
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In Pokemon ruby what level does surskit evolve at?


Pokemon SoulSilver where to find surskit?

migrate from saphire, emerald, or ruby version

Where do you get surskits in Pokemon emerald?

Surskit is NOT catchable in Emerald. Trade from Ruby/Sapphire.Of course you can get a surskit: just run around in the grass at rout 102. They're kinda rare though.

What type of Pokemon is Surskit?

Surskit is a Water and Bug type pokemon.

What Pokemon does ruby have that emerald does not have?

IN EMERALD U GET RAQAUZA AND GROUDON AND KYOGRE IN EMERALD U GET RAQAUZA AND GROUDON AND KYOGRE Ummm Okay, I dont think you can get surskit in emerald and you cant get zangoose in it either, or lunatone. You have to get zangoose and surskit in ruby, and i think you get a lunatone in saphire.

Is surskit a water Pokemon?

Surskit is a water type and bug type pokemon.

Where to find surskit in ruby version all areas?

It's a rare Pokemon to find, but it's available on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117 and 120. Surskit evolves into Masquerain at level 22.

How can you find surskit in Pokemon emerald?

It isn't possible to obtain a wild one in Emerald. You have to trade with someone (or youself) with a Ruby or Sapphire

How catch surskit in emerald?

You'll need to trade for it, because it isn't in the Pokemon Emerald. To catch it, you must mix records with Ruby or Sapphire.

When does surskit evolve in ruby?

It evolves at level 22.

Where to catch surskit in Pokemon emerald?

Wait until the TV in the game tells you there's an outbreak of surskit go to the route they mention to catch one. If your having a hard time get one from ruby, sapphire or xd gale of darkness.

What level does Surskit evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

Surskit evolves at level 22