Where is surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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== == At the end of the safari zone there is a log cabin . go in there and talk to the man.

you find it in the secret house in the safari zone also get the gold fang/tooth and give it to the guy who lost his teeth the guy gives you strength so now you have strength and surf.

From a man in the secret house in the safari zone.
safari zone
Working from Right follow the path round until you come to a house with loads of Statues if I remember correctly there you will be award the HM for Surf (don't forget to pick up the nearby Gold Teeth for Strength)
At the very end of the safari zone a guy in a rest house gves you surf.
In the safari zone the warden is right at the end and he gives you the HM if you talk to him and give him his teeth back which are in his house close to the gym.
This HM is hidden in the Safari Zone, which is in Fuchsia City.
Find an go in the secret house in the safari zone and the guy will give you surf
At the end of the safari zone is a house.. There is someone inside who give u surf.

Good luck with finding it

Sorry for my bad english but i hope this helped

Gr apenkop103
You can find HM03 (Surf) in the Safari Zone (Fuchsia City).

I'll guide you through the Safari Zone :

After entering the Safari Zone, take the exit in the east :

Now you enter Area 1. in this area you need to reach the top exit in the west :

You enter Area 2 : take the most left exit in the south :

You'll enter Area 3, the final Area, where the Secret House is located (it is the left house) :

Now talk to the man inside that house. He will give you HM03 (Surf).
Safari Zone
HM 03 - Surf - Situated in Safari Zone , From a Guy in a House at the end of Safari Zone .
from the safari zone in a house. a guy willl give it to you.

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Q: Where is surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Can two Pokemon learn surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Surf is a HM so you can teach it to multiple pokemon.

Can krabby learn surf on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes, Krabby is able to learn Surf. After all, it is a Water-type Pokemon.

What is the 3rd HM you get in poke'mon Pokemon LeafGreen?

HM03 is surf

Where are the hidden teeth in Pokemon LeafGreen?

near the surf house

Where to get surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it is in the deepest house in the safari zone....

How do you surf in LeafGreen?

Defeat the gym leader koga in fuschia city, then you can teach your Pokemon SURF.

Where can you catch swinub in Pokemon LeafGreen?

On four Island you will need a Pokemon that knows Surf.

How do you get to lost cave in pokemon leafgreen?

go to five island, then surf up to the rezort. then surf right.

Where do you get swim on Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is called surf. At the end of the safari zone.

How do you get to Cinabar Island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

surf south from pallet town.

What city do you get surf in Pokemon leafgreen?

It is in Fuschia City, in the Safari Zone

How do you get into the seafrom islands on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Surf from Cinnabar island left there you can get in.