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Steven is at meteor falls it is wer you saved dr.cozmo and wer they stole the meotorite Steven is at meteor falls it is wer you saved dr.cozmo and wer they stole the meotorite

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Q: Where is steven if he isn't in his house in emerald?
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Where is the professors house in Pokemon emerald?

Isnt it Littleroot town?

What town is steven in pokemon' emerald?

Steven lives is a house in Mossdeep City. His house is northwest of the Pokemon Center. After you defeat him, you go to his house to get a Beldum.

Where do you get dive in emerald pokemon?

Go to the top-left corner of Mosdeep city and go inside the house. There's Steven, who will notice you and give it to you

Where do you get hm 08 in Pokemon emerald?

HM08(Dive) can be found at Steven's house after clearing the Space Museum in Mossdeep City. Steven's house is north of the Mossdeep Pokemon Center.

Where will steven meet you and give you dive in emerald?

in his house, its in mossdeep near the top left corner

Where does steven live in Pokemon emerald?

Steven lives in Mossdeep City.Talk to all the people around Mossdeep and one little boy will tell you:''Steven's house is right over there!''.

How I get the rematch with steven in emerald?

I believe you can get the rematch with Steven in emerald by battling the Elite four again.After that you can battle Steven.

How do you get beldum in emerald?

When you beat the Champion go to Steven's house. There will be a poke ball. There will be a Beldum in the poke ball.

Where do you find HM8 in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Steven's House in Mosdeep City after you beat everyone in the Museum there.

Where do you get beldum in Pokemon emerald?

After you beat the League and go to steven's house and there is a pokeball on the table.It has a beldum inside it.

Where is steven hoyse located in Pokemon emerald?

Hoyse.... I think you mean house. His house is in Mosdeep City, North-east of the Pokemon center.

How do you get to the last gym leader and get dive in emerald?

The last gym is in sootopolis, you need to get rayquaza to get in, you get dive in steven's house - talk to him. p.s: In steven's house you will see a pokeball that you can take - in it there is a buldom level five.