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There is no such place as South River Plains on The Sims 2 Castaway, you are thinking of South River Jungle. :)

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Q: Where is south river plains on the Sims 2 castaway on the wii?
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Where do you find your lost Sims in Castaway?

1 is at west beach, 1 is at west river plains, 1 is at east beach and 2 are at south volcano beach.

Sims 2 castaway how to get through the piers in east river plains?

You have to go through the back side from the palece

Where is the transmiter in sims 2 castaway?

you find it on airoplane island at the south river jungle

Where can you find the radio transmitter in the game Sims 2 castaway?

In the second island at south river jungle.

Where do you find the transceiver on Sims 2 Castaway?

the transceiver is behind the vines in south river jungle in the plane wreck.

Where do you find the transmitter on sims 2 castaway?

It is in the South River Jungle near the crashed plane. I believe that is on the second island.

Were can you fit a manor bungalow in the sims 2 castaway.?

The Geyser Plains on Volcano Island

How do you get to the gauzier in sims 2 castaway?

you have to get to the volcano island and then go to gauzier plains. you will find the in there

In sims 2 castaway how do you move the boulder in geyser plains?

you need a stone chizzil

Is there pirates in sims castaway?

No, there are no pirates in sims castaway.

Do you have to have to have Sims Castaway before you have Sims 2 Castaway for it to work?

There's no game sims castaway, just sims casaway 2.

Where is the ninth hieroglyphic in geyser plains in the sims 2 castaway?

It is in volcano island go into geyser plains and you will see it next to the volcano overlook enterance!