Where is slugma in Pokemon diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Slugma can be found in stark mountain, which is the same place you get heatran.

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Q: Where is slugma in Pokemon diamond?
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What type of Pokemon is slugma?

Slugma is a Fire type pokemon.

In Pokemon diamond what all Pokemon have the effect warm body?

If you mean Flame Body, then only Magby and Slugma (along with their evolutions) have it.

How do you quick hatch an egg in Pokemon diamond?

some slugma have effect warm body it helps eggs hatch

What Pokemon does slugma evolve into?

Slugma evolves into Magcargo.

How do you get a Pokemon with flame body in Pokemon diamon diamond?

after you beat elite4 and champ you have to get full pokedex to go to stark mountain and tons of slugma and macargos

What does slugma evolve into pokemon emerald?

Slugma evolves into Magcargo.

In Pokemon Diamond How do you get an egg to hatch faster?

Use a slugma or magby. Put the slugma/magby next to the egg in the party screen. They know Flame Body, which is know to make eggs hatch faster.

What Pokemon does flanery have in ruby?

Slugma, Torkoal and maybe another Slugma.

Where do you catch a slugma in Pokemon diamond?

You can catch one at Stark Mountain (: and if your not finding any catch a male and female Magcargo and breed them

When does slugma evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Slugma have always evolved at level 38.

Does slugma evolve in Pokemon Colosseum?

Yes, Slugma will evolve into Pokémon Colosseum. Slugma will evolve into Magcargo.

Where do you catch a slugma on Pokemon emerald?

you catch slugma at route 113 and in the fiery path