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You can indeed find it in Route 113, in the gray grass .(because of the ash)

It can take much time to find it.

I found mine after fighting like 50 Spindas.

The way to catch it is quite simple.

Buy some Timer balls in Rustbord City.

Make the battle have much turns, so the timer ball will gain catch rating.

Do that by weaking it first and then only use attacks like Growl, that doesn't deal damage.

choosing a Pokemon which can paralyze is recommended, its the only weakening which doesn't deal damage.(weakened pokemons are easier to catch)

After like 10 turns you should be able to catch the scarmory.

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Q: Where is skarmory in Pokemon Emerald?
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What evolves into a skarmory in Pokemon Emerald?

Skarmory does not evolve and is not known to have evolved from anything.

What is super skarmory's Pokemon emerald team?

skarmory absol manectric torkoal breloom swampert

How do you get skarmory in Pokemon Pearl?

migrate from Sapphire emerald or ruby

Where can you find a skarmory in pokemon emerald?

Route 113 is where i found mine about level 16

Where can you catch Skarmory in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch Skarmory on Route 113, but they are rare (5% chance). Route 113 is east of Fallarbor Town, where the ash falls.

Where do you find skarmory Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

they're a bit rare but you can usually find them near the glass workshop on route 113

What is the best Pokemon emerald team with Blaziken?

Blaziken, Flygon, Ludicollo, Gardevoir, Manectric, and skarmory or vigoroth

What Pokemon are i missing in emerald?

?Currently have Absol, skarmory, whiscash, gardivoir and slaking. Debating machoke or manetric, what do you think?

What does Skarmory evolve into?

No Pokemon evolves into skarmory.

What type of Pokemon is Skarmory?

Skarmory is a Steel and Flying type pokemon.

Best Pokemon team emerald?

The best Pokemon team on emerald that you can have(in my opinion) is all the starters, salamence, manectric, and gardevoir. but if you cant get all the starters than here are some other good ones: blaziken breloom wailord skarmory manectric gardevoir ....or.... sceptile torkoal wailord skarmory manectric gallade ....or.... swampert breloom torkoal skarmory manectric gallade ...............i hope this was a big help, these teams have worked great for me and i hope they work great for you too! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can't get Gallade in Pokemon Emerald.

Is skarmory a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon deluge?

No, Skarmory is not a Legendary Pokémon.