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You can find it right next to the pokemart in mauville city talk to the guy in the house and he will give you HM rock smash

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Q: Where is rock smash in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get to mauville city in Pokemon Emerald?

to get to mauville you have to have rock smash to get rock smash you have to get to mauville

Where can you get rock smash in Pokemon Emerald?

in mauville city.

How does nosepass appear in ruby or emerald?

go to the granite cave and have a pokemon with the move rock smash then go to a stone you can smash with rock smash smash it and nosepass may appear

Where can you find the hidden machines for flash and rock smash in Pokemon emerald?

you win them from gyms

Where do you get rock smash in Pokemon Emerald?

Someone has it in Mauvill who lives next to the bike shop.

Where can you catch Shuckle in Pokemon Emerald?

You can found it in the Safari Zone, but to catch it you will have to have passed the elite four and have a Pokemon with rock smash and then smash all the rocks in the Orres Pokemon regions.

Who has strength in Pokemon Emerald?

At the rusturve cave if you use rock smash the guy there will give you strength.

Pokemon emerald i cant use rock smash?

you have to beat a certain gym but i forgot what gym and you have to have the hm

How do you get rock smash in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Mauville, and at the very bottom right of Mauville, there is a small house, and there is a man sitting at the table. Talk to him, and he will give you the TM.(Rock smash) :)

How do you get shucle on Pokemon Emerald?

Shuckle is found in the secret area of the safari zone if you use rock smash on the rocks that are there.

Where is strength hm in Pokemon emerald?

use rock smash on the rocks in rusturf tunnel and a guy will give it to u

On Pokemon emerald in the first cave how do you get passed the rocks if you send out a Pokemon how do you do it?

You have to get passed by getting the move rock smash in a house in mauville city