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Y ou will find her in jungle labyrinth dude.

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Q: Where is princess joanie found in fossil fighters champions?
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Where do you find Joanie and the bowl in fossil fighters champions?

You find Joanie in Jungle Labyrinth but you have to battle this guy and your looking for the dog

How do you find pauleen's mask when joanie takes it in fossil fighters champions?

right after you go past the door to the right

How do you get a miraculous fossil rock in fossil fighters 2?

After you get to Ilium island for the first time, you go to hot,spring heights and joe wildwest will call for you. A guy named minister pomposa will ask you to find joanie and her dog, when they're at jungle labryinth. After you battle a guy who is messing with madame pooch (who is the princess) you save her and take her back to minister pomposa in joe's suite. He will give you the miraculous fossil for you to excavate. Your welcome! I already have that one i need another one though

Where do you get a miraculous fossil rock on fossil fighter champions?

I'm not completely sure where you can get them all but they are at the shop sometimes for 250,000 G's or at the donation center for 2,500 DP.I am currently trying to see if i can dig them up.But during the storyline you get one for finding Joanie and Princess Pooch.I hope this helps. P.S if you get both chip upgrades for the sonar it may be possible to dig them up as the yellow dots.I know for sure that you can dig up wondrous fossils with that upgrade as yellow dots.

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