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It's near Lavaridge Town.

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Q: Where is mt chimney on Pokemon Emerald?
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Pokemon emerald how do you get to mt chimney?


Where is mt chimney on Pokemon Diamond?

Mt chimney is not on Pokemon diamond, pearl, or platinum. On D&PP it is mt coronet, mt chimney is on ruby, Sapphire and emerald.

Where is mnt chimeny in Pokemon emerald?

MT. Chimney is in Pokemon Emerald. Hope this does not work!

How do you turn the machine off on mt chimney Pokemon emerald?

You press A at the machine.

How do you get to jagged pass in Pokemon emerald?

Reach mt chimney and then go down.

Is any legendary Pokemon in mt chimney?

No there isnt. in emerald the team magma base is there, but after that no

What happen if you didn't get the meteorite in mt chimney in Pokemon emerald?

nothing cos your not supposed to

How do you move that boulder on mt chimney on emerald?

You have to teach one of your Pokemon the HM 'Strength' and use it.

Where did you battle with team magma in Pokemon emerald?

mt chimney do to the jagged pass and there is like a cave right there

How do you get spoink in Pokemon emerald?

It is in the grass parts just under mt chimney when you are jumping over the ledges

Where is team magmas opening in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Emerald, Team Magma's hideout is on the jagged pass, between Lavaridge town and Mt. Chimney. You can only get to it from Mt. Chimney, unless your have the acro bike. You must also have the Magma Embelem to access it, which is found at Mt. Pyre

Is it a mt cornet in Pokemon ruby?

No, it is mt chimney