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Mr. Fuji is at the very back, standing alone.

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Q: Where is mr. fuji at in the house of memories on heart gold?
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Is there another room in the house of memories on Pokemon heart gold?

yes, after you beat red go to the fighting dojo and the karate king will be standing there with mr. fuji, you have a double battle and if you win mr. fuji leads you down a secret path in the fighting dojo and that leads to the house of memories lower rooms. there you will also meet team galactic leader Cyrus.

Where is bill's house on Pokemon Heart Gold?

bills house is north of cerulean

How do you get the blue orb in heart gold?

go to Mr. Pokemon's house

Where do you meet Steven after trading a fortress for a beldum in heart gold?

he went to your house!!

What city is the light house in Pokemon heart gold?

it should be in olivine city

Where is professor oaks house in Pokemon heart gold?

Its in Pallet Town in Kanto

Where are all the rare candies in Pokemon heart gold?

one is on the olivine light house

Where is the cape in Pokemon Heart Gold?

above cerulean city! were bills old house is.

How do you find out how much happiness your Pokemon has in heart gold?

you can go to a house in goldenrod city

How can you tell if a Pokemon likes you in heart gold?

in goldenrod city, a house between the flowershop and the bike shop. there is a house with a girl who tells you.

How do you start a new game pokemopn heart gold and soulsilver?

you have to go to your house and die in the bed

Where do you get Suicune in heart gold?

if you have beaten misty, go to where you found her by bill's house north of cerulean