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Mirage Tower is in the desert around the enterance near Mauville. It only appears every once in awhile. I'm not sure how often though.

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Q: Where is mirage tower in pokemon emerald?
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Where is mirage tower in sapphire?

mirage tower only appears in pokemon emerald.

Where can you find a fossil in Pokemon emerald?

In the desert and in mirage tower.

How do get fossils in Pokemon Emerald?

go into the desert,and find the mirage tower

How do you get fossils on Pokemon Emerald?

they are at the top of mirage tower the tower in the desert north of mauville city

How do you catch Trompius easily in Pokemon Emerald?

In the Mirage Tower nefore you get the Fossil

Where can you get a Ditto and when in Pokemon Emerald?

Ditto is found in mirage tower you can make the tower appear after talking to the fossil maniac.

What is the Pokemon for the mirage isiand on Pokemon emerald?

The mirage Pokemon is Wynaut.

What makes mirage tower show up in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, The Mirage Tower appears randomly. All you have to do to make it appear is keep going back-and-forth from Fiery Path to the Desert and it should appear. Just make sure you have the Mach Bike, You'll need it inside the tower to get past the fragile sand floors. And at the end of the Mirage Tower, you'll get a nice suprise! :)

When does Mirage Tower appear in Pokemon Emerald?

It will disappear and reappear in the desert on Route 111 as the player visits and leaves the Route.Do not confuse it with Mirage Island.

Where are the fossils on Pokemon emerald?

From Prince Kayne:on certain days/times a tower appears the Mirage Tower near the southern entrance of the desert.

Pokemon emerald fossil?

In Pokemon Emerald, both the Root and Claw fossils can be obtained. One may be selected at Mirage Tower and the other will be found at the end of the Desert Underpass.

Where is Mirage Island on Pokemon Emerald?

Mirage Island does not always appear. When it does, it does. It is found between Pacifidlog Town\Sky Tower.