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Go into Eurateke city then go to the very right end you will find one of those green huts go through it then go across some water and all get surf by going into the dance thetre in eurateeke and then talk to the guy with the phyduck any way surf and then walk then you will be at mahogany town

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Q: Where is mahogany town in soul silver?
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What is the seventh town for badges in soul-silver?

Mahogany Town.

Where do you get the seventh bade in soul silver?

Mahogany Town

How do you get slowpoke tail soul silver?

Mahogany Town

How do you get past a guy in in radio tover in mahogany town in Pokemon soul silver?

There IS no Radio Tower in Mahogany town

Where is the souvienier shop in Pokemon soul silver?

Mahogany Town.

How do you get passed the guy in mahogany town to get to the 8th gym in soul silver?

you have to get lugia

Where is the souvenier shop in soul silver?

It's in Mahogany Town. Middle building.

Where is move tutor in soul silver?

Blackthorn city, (east of mahogany town).

Where is the 7th gym leader in Pokemon soul silver kanto?

It is in Mahogany town in the southwestern corner of the town.

How do you get to Pryce in Soul Silver?

beat the 6th gym leader and then go to mahogany town.

Where is blackthorn city is soul silver?

It is East of Mahogany town. Take a look at your map.

Where is the house with the strange tree in soul silver?

In Mahogany Town, the house with the strange tree is located at the upper left of the Mahogany Gym.