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In the free world in RuneScape, there is a sewer system that can be accessed just to the east of Draynor Village. It is in an area of the jail, and so if you are a lower level, you will be attacked by the level 23 prison guards. When you find the manhole which is marked by an exclaimation mark on your map, simply enter it!

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Q: Where is jail house sewers RuneScape?
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How do you get to the jail in RuneScape?

that depends on witch jail it is.

Where is joe the guards house on runescape?

Joe is Lady Keli's (talkative) bodygaurd in the jail east of Draynor Village.

Where is jailhouse sewers in runescape?

That's will be located down the trapdoors near Draynor bank ( on the way to draynor via lumbridge shortcut ).The easiest entrance to the Jailhouse Sewers in Runescape can be found above the market stalls, in Draynor. Look for the Exclamation mark on your map (!). Another entrance can be found East of Draynor, near the jailhouse, however the other way is recommended as the Jail Guards here are aggressive towards players.

How do you get into the palace sewers on RuneScape?

In varrock by the palace as you walk round ( the same way that leads to varrock church - east side ) there is a "!" Symbol, that marks the palace sewers.

What is a good place to train a lvl 43 in runescape?

Moss Giants inside varrock sewers.

How can you get to the cage of the grizzly bear in varrock in runescape?

There is a ladder in the Varrock sewers that leads up into the cage.

Where are the palace sewers in varrock in RuneScape?

The Varrock sewers are located just east of the Varrock Palace. It is marked with and exclamation mark(!) on the world map, right beside the Varrock palace.

Can you sell your house on RuneScape?

no you can not sell your house on runescape.

What do rats do in sewers?

Same as they do in a house or office

Where are hell rats in runescape?

You can find these Hell Rats in the sewers in Varrock, You can find Varrock by exploring your map, have fun.

Can you sell your RuneScape house?

No, Your RuneScape House is based on your Construction Level.

Where is the varrock palace sewers in RuneScape?

well, the sewers under varrock are all interconnected but there are several ways of getting in, on the east side of the caste (just outside the castles outerwall) there is a man hole that will bring you down to varrock sewers, there are several other entrances in edgevill