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Go the the North part of the Monkey Foot hills. Keep going until you are in the ocean. Swim toward the sea serpent in the water. At the front of the serpent is a dock. Talk to the person on the dock.

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2010-09-18 16:07:53
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Q: Where is forsaken valley located in fusion fall game?
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Where is the Forsaken Valley in fusion fall?

we probably will not know. But if you do meet Edd Bannonachce in Cul-de-sac

Where do you get the action blindfold in fusion fall?

In the future you can get it at sector v from the egger. And hopefully the past eggers have it which is located at mt blackhead, peach creek commons, forsaken valley, townsville center, and sector v.

How do you get vehicles on fusion fall on fusion fall?

You can buy them at Peach Creek Commons, Forsaken Valley, and Mount Black Head. Also, you can get one at Townsville Center, Pokey Oaks North at the infected zone next to the warp gate.

How do you get the hoverboards from fusion fall?

There's a code for a Kimchi cloud and the code is (ffctake1foraspin). They sale hover boards in Forsaken Valley, Peach Creek Commons, Mount Black Head, and Townsvillle Center.

Where are the vehicle vendors in fusion fall?

well... there is a vendor in ship's ship and at mount blackhead (i think that's what its called) hope this helps there is in peech creek commons and forsaken valley and pockey oaks north

How can you get a vehicle in fusion fall?

look for people with hover boards over their heads in the sunken mall of townsvile center in the downtown area, the KND base on Mount Black Head in the wilds, and on Mandark's ship over forsaken valley in the darklands

Is fusion fall on the computer?

fusion fall is stupid

When is fusion fall coming to India?

In 2012 fusion fall come.

Does fusion fall cost money?

does fusion fall cost money

Is there another fusion fall 2?

No!! There is only 1 Fusion fall!!!

Is there a alien x nano in fusion fall?

There will be one in fusion fall soon!!!!!!!!!

Where is Mandy in fusion fall?

According to Fusion Fall Wiki, she is in Devil's Bluff.

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