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it isn't a TM it has to be taught the hard

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Q: Where is fire fang in Pokemon platinum?
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When does gliscor learn fire fang in Pokemon platinum?

Level 65

On which level does Steelix learn Fire Fang in Pokemon Platinum?

AnswerIn Pokemon Platinum, Fire Fang is a base move of Steelix's. This means that if Steelix does not have Fire Fang in its moveset upon capture, you can take it to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City (on any level) and teach it to Steelix again.

Who can learn the move fire fang in Pokemon platinum?

Aerodactyl can, see the related link below for a full list.

Can rattata use fire fang?

No, even though the little Pokemon has teeth. The use of the move Fire Fang is for the Pokemon using it has to have visible teeth.

What do you do with the dragon fang on Pokemon Platinum?

you give it two a Pokemon that knows dragon type moves.

How many fire attacks are in Pokemon platinum?

There are 18 Fire Attacks in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Where Can You Find A Dragon fang On Pokemon Platinum?

a wild bagon may hold it

What Pokemon can learn ice fire thunder poison fang?

Drapion can learn thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang and poison fang Drapion learns thunder, fire and ice fang at the start, you just need some heart scales It learns poison fang at level 39

In Pokemon platinum where is the outher place do you find razour fang?

Find a razor fang: Route 225 {48BP} Battle Frontier

How does a giligar evolve in Pokemon platinum?

use a razor fang and level it up at night

Pokemon platinum who to get the razor fang off?

you do not get it from anyone you have to find it near the battle zone

How do you get a glisgor on Pokemon platinum?

You have to give a Gligar a razor fang, and then level it up at night.