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It's in Striaton City. Go from the Pokemon Centre right and down, it's the first set of stairs. She's on the 2nd floor. If you talk to the other person it is the someone from someone's PC.

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Q: Where is fennel's house on Pokemon Black and White?
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What do you do when bianca says go back to fennels house in Pokemon black?


Why isn't anyone in black city in Pokemon Black?

There is one house in Pokemon Black that you can enter and do rotation battles in. Go in the house in White Forest and you can do triple battles.

Where is the battle company in Pokemon Black?

Just to the left of the Pokemon center in Opelucid City. It's called the Battle House in Pokemon black and white.

Where is fennel in Pokemon black?

Fennel is in the building nearest to the striaton gym.

Where is strength in Pokemon Black and White version?

Nimbasa city, it is from a boy in a house.

Where is the move strengh in Pokemon Black and White?

You find it in a house in Nimbassa city. Just go from house to house around the pokemon center and you should find it.

Where do Pokemon forget HM moves in Pokemon black and white?

Mistralton City the house next to the entrance for a heartscale

How do you get strenth in Pokemon Black and White?

You get strength in a house in Nimbasa city, right north for the battle institute and Pokemon center.

What are Hidden Grottos in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Special areas in Black 2 and White 2 that house Pokemon with their Hidden Ability and items, they will regenerate and there is a small chance of another Pokemon appearing

Where do you find dive in Pokemon Black and White?

dive is given to you by a girl in front of a house in undella town

Where do you find strength in Pokemon Black and White?

In Nimbasa City to the top left of the Pokemon Center there is a house with a blue haired kid in it. Talk to him for Strength.

Where can you change nicknames on Pokemon Black and White?

sorry but you cant change Pokemon nick name it always stays s it is