Where is feebas on pokmon diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is in the Mt. Coronet fog room ONLY IN FOUR TILES THAT CHANGE EVERY DAY!I RECOMMEND YOU to migrate them From RSE because there are Hinbass in route 111 in six tiles that change with the Trendy Phrase.

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Q: Where is feebas on pokmon diamond?
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When does a Feebas appear on Pokemon Diamond?

You may not get a FEEBAS since there are swarms of GYARADOS and WHISCASH.

How do you get a shiny stone on pokmon diamond?

You got to go to iron island and at the end of it you find it

On diamond can you predict were feebas is?

No. Feebas is only found on 4 random tiles,which change every day.

Can you find Milotic out in the wild in diamond?

no only feebas

What are the four tiles to get feebas on Pokemon diamond?


How do you find a miltoc on Pokemon diamond?

evolve a feebas

Where do you see a Feebas in Pokemon diamond?

feebas is in mt cornnet but be careful it goes to different lakes each day

How do you catch a feebas in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Feebas can be a pain to catch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by going to Mt. Cornet. Feebas is located on the basement floor of the Mt. Cornet. The player will need the HMs Surf and Strength to reach the underground lake. Patient and Luck will grant the player a elusive Feebas.

How do you get melotic in Pokemon diamond?

yes just evolve a feebas

How do you catch a feebas on diamond and pearl?

I believe they are in Mt. Coronet

Where to find feebas in diamond?

You can find it in Mt. Coronet (B1F)

Where do you catch feebas in diamond pearl?

Feebas can be caught by fishing on Mt.Coronet. Specifically four random spaces on the water that changes daily.