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bill's house is in cerulean city but if you want to talk to him go to golden rod city and go to the left then down

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Q: Where is bills house Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you get to bills house in pokemon soul silver?

it is in goldrod city

Where do you find bills grandpa on Pokemon soul silver?

hes in a house were you find misty the gym leader for the first time.

How do you get evee in Pokemon Soul Silver?

do you mean Eevee. you get it by going to bills house in Goldenrod City near the bell in the water. :D

Where is bills house in Pokemon soul silver?

Bill's house is in Goldenrod City, right beside the Game Corner and Underground Tunnel Entrance.

Where is profOak in soul silver?

mr. Pokemon house

Where do you find Suicune in Kanto on soul silver?

I believe its next to Bills house.

Where is bill in Pokemon Soul Silver?

At his mom's house in Goldenrod.

Where is the battle house in Pokemon soul silver?

it is in the city after pewter

What route is bills house in soul silver?

BIlls house is located in Goldenrod city. you take a path above the Pokemon center and his is the only house there. There is also a House belonging to his grandfather above cerulean city. If you show him the Pokemon he describes you can get a fire,water,leaf,and thunder stone. the four Pokemon needed are oddish,staryu,vulpix,and pichu.

Where can you find friendship to your pokemon in pokemon soul silver?

goldenrod city in a house there is a lady

Where is the Kimono Dancing house in Pokemon soul silver?

ecruteak city

How do you get the red orb soul silver?

Go to Mr. Pokemon's house