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I'm pretty sure you can't get them all in that game. I think you have to trade some of them over.

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Q: Where is all 210 Pokemon in platinum?
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How do you get your pokedex filled on Pokemon Platinum?

see all 210 Pokemon

Where can you see all 210 Pokemon in platinum version?

by traveling by walking not flying

How do you get the nationaldex in Pokemon Platinum?

find all 210 Pokemon on sinnoh pokedex then visit profeser rowan

How do you past the kecleon on route 210 in Pokemon platinum?

There is no Kecleon on Route 210.

How many pokemon are in Sinnoh in Pokemon Platinum?

210 from Turtwig to Giratina

How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh dex in platinum?

there are 210 Pokemon mate

How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh pokedex Pokemon platinum?

in sinnoh 210

Which trainer has an elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

the Pokemon breeder in route 210

How many Pokemon are in Sinnoh?

210 Pokemon in platinum, pearl, and diamond. :)

How many Pokemon do you need to catch to get the legendary pokedex?

all 210 in platinum but you only have to see them

How do you get national pokedex on pokemon platinum?

See all 210 of the sinnih dex and talk to oak

How many Pokemon are in the regular pokedex in platinum?