Where is aggy the witch RuneScape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Her house is in Draynor Village; it is the only house in Draynor with a cauldron, near the bank to the East.

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Q: Where is aggy the witch RuneScape?
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How do you get to the jail in RuneScape?

that depends on witch jail it is.

When was Aggy Read born?

Aggy Read was born in 1941.

Were is the witch with the purple cat on runescape map?

The witch you are looking for is Wendy, she is near the crafting guild.

When did Aggy Read die?

Aggy Read died on August 22, 1998, in Brisbane, Australia..

What button you click on your keyboard to s witch to combat styles on runescape?


Where to find witch hazel in runescape?

This is for a quest, I am sure of. I recommend, and

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Discuss how the character of miss Aggy illustrates the challenge of single parenting

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they were dropped in the 2001 party for Christmas

What type of relationship did pa ben and ms aggy had in the book old story time?

Pa Ben and Miss Aggy are close friends.

Where do you find maggies the witch encampment on runescape?

Maggie, and her apprentice, Wendy, are west of the Legends' Guild.

What is the code for the flagstaff in RuneScape?

You need to buy a ticket to RuneFest, witch Im sure is already finished.

On runescape where do you make dyes?

Talk to Aggie the Witch, she lives in Draynor Village, north of Lumbridge, south of Falador.